The Top 10 Pro Ana Arm Workouts of All Time – Lose Unwanted Arm Fat

This fast moving generation with most of the people running and running without having a moment of relief for themselves since all they Desire is to earn a living, after all no one wants to lag behind. When it comes to having the perfect figure nobody wants to hold back in performing the best, gaming some extra pounds here and there seems less than a nightmare.

pro ana arm workouts

The real trouble search begins when this issue of gaining extra fat over and over each day goes out of hand and hence it is better to start working towards it before time ends. Shedding weight simply obeys one single and the easy principle of working out more of the calories than you gain. But sadly who has so much time for that. We live in an area where we seek to receive quick and fast solutions hand results without degrading the result or the performance. But with smart work out and proper dietary plan one can find a desirable result in a small period of time.

It’s really weird when you look into the mirror and don’t feel confident about yourself. When specifically talking about your arms they can make you look potentially heavier than your actual weight. Enough of wasting time crying over not being able to bring your arms into shape and hiding them with your full sleeves. Gone are the days when you are sexy and elegant sleeveless and off-shoulder dresses were hiding in your closet with this simple yet quick results produced by Pro Ana arms exercise, after all time of beautiful hand flawlessly molded arms are coming back.

1. Dumbbell Bench Press

dumbbell bench press arms

  • Lay down on the bench flat on back and feet firmly on the ground.
  • Move your shoulder blades away from the ears and together. Your upper part of the body should be firmly in contact with the bench.
  • Keeping your arms tight against your sides raise the dumbbells up then slowly lower the dumbbells back to your chest with your elbows at your sides.

2. Standing Bicep Curls with Band

standing bicep curl barbell with band both arms

  • Step on the band so it rests underneath the arch of your foot and grabs the ends of the band with your arms by your side.
  • With your elbows stiff against your ribs, slowly bend your arms to bring the hands to your shoulders.
  • Now slowly lower your hands back down to your sides.

3. Narrow Push Up

narrow arm push up

  • Begin with a plank position and hands just under your shoulders.
  • Lower down with your elbows. Keep your shoulders to knees all straight while lowering your chest to the floor?
  • Lift yourself back up to the initial point without arching your lower back. Your shoulders should lift at the same time maintaining the straight line.

4. Battle Ropes

battle ropes for arms

  • Stand with your feet slightly apart, knees conveniently bent, and back straight.
  • Grabbing the ropes, swing your hands together to create a wave.
  • Try speeding up and slowing down your hand movements to create different sizes of waves.
  • Try to maintain the waves for half a minute and then without a break do again.

5. Chair Dips

chair dips for arms

  • Sit down on the chair with your feet together.
  • Place your hands on either side of the seat aligning with your thighs and keep your feet flat on the floor.
  • Bend your elbows and lower your upper body towards the floor.
  • Now straighten your arms and lift your body back to the initial posture.

6. The Cobra

cobra arm exercise

  • Lie with your face down on the floor and your palms close to the chest.
  • Now lift your head, shoulders, and chest up the floor, meanwhile pulling your shoulder blades down. Stay here in this position for 2 to 3 seconds and then lower down.

7. Forearm Plank

forearm vs straight arm plank

  • Get into a push-up position and with your weight on your forearms and toes, keep your elbows on the same line on the floor under your shoulders.
  • Make a straight line from your head to your toe, and then hold this posture while breathing gently.
  • Rest for few seconds by keeping your knees on the floor.

8. Pullovers with Dumbbells

arm dumbbell pullover

  • Lie on an exercise bench; now hold a dumbbell of your desirable weight (5 to 8 pounds generally recommended) in both hands with your arms prolonged over your chest.
  • Once set, slowly lower the weight behind your head and bring the weight back to its initial position again.

9. Push Up on a Ball

push up on a stability ball

  • Lie down with your abdomen resting on an exercise ball and position your hands forward on the floor until the ball stabilizes under your thighs.
  • Pull your navel in toward your spine, bending your elbows.
  • Now lower your upper part of the body to the floor. Hold this position for a while, and then push up in a way so as to make your elbows straight meanwhile not locked. Keep your head in straight line with your spine and your abs engaged.

10. Hover Rotation
  • Start by lying with face upward, lean on the elbows with your legs forwarded and the knees little bit bent.
  • Now lift your hips upwards so as to form a straight line from your head to your feet. Hold this for a while.
  • Roll to your side now with the hips lifted and right elbow and forearm on the floor to support your weight and balance. Retain a straight line again for a while.
  • Now change to a plank position with your forearms still on the floor and your elbows by your sides and knees lifted.
  • Finally, roll to your left side, supporting your body with your left forearm and elbow. Lift your hips again in a straight line as before and then hold it for a while before going back to the initial position.

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These exercises will not only help you tone your arms but also strengthen them as well. They will make your dream come true of wearing that gorgeous sleeveless dress flaunting your beautiful and strongly built arms. Only arms but the sizes will also include the whole body and will build it strong is equally.

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