Tips to Follow Healthy Pro Ana ABC Diet Plan

abc dietFor one to truly have a diet that is nutritious, it doesn’t follow that you cannot love your favorite foods. A wholesome diet maintain a healthy mind and body and make you joyful, should keep you moving. With today’s hectic lifestyle it is almost not possible to avoid eating out in fast food chains and restaurants. You’ll also have a hard time resisting. But you can eat healthful really. Below are a few key concepts you can use on a day- to- day basis to ensure you are eating healthy.

What is the Pro Ana ABC Diet?

The Pro-ana ABC diet is a diet program that relies on tricking the body into losing weight by depriving it of a normal calorie intake. It is also known as Pro-Ana Boot Camp, which is an apt description of its extreme program which can be as severe as boot camp with 5 days of strict fasting from calories in any form. The other days the person on this diet can consume calories bu has to limit the intake to “between” 100 to 800. The idea behind the ABC diet is to take in varied amounts of calories every day so that the body stops feeling hungry and slows down its metabolism.

Is the Extreme Pro Ana ABC Diet Healthy?

No! Nutritional experts say that the Pro Ana ABC Diet is a risk to individual’s health since it recommends a daily intake of calories “between” 100-800 yet the typical recommended daily calorie intake should be between 800 and 1500 calories and anything below this recommended intake is risky. However, some people say they have found this diet effective in losing weight though it is not without consequences.

What are the Risks of Extreme ABC Diet?

Diets that are encouraging an intake of less than the recommended calorie intake are definitely risky it is even worse when it requires that you totally fast from calorie intake for a whole day. Based on experiences of other people who have followed such diets, there was actually no positive from it. First of all it deprived them of required nutrients which left them without energy, then it led to binge eating on days when the dieter cannot stand to fast and sleeps up. Binge eating is only going to cause more problems for you as you end up eating junk food. In the end, the body is only stocking up on fat and not muscle. The diet makes it hard to exercise so the body is weak.

One of the biggest risks is actually gaining even more weight than before you started the dieting. Because your body is being deprived of calories, it learns to store whatever calories it gets. When a person on a diet stops following the program, the body continues to do what it has become used to – saving calories. So now the body is getting more calories and most of them are being stored as opposed to being used up so the body weight will increase.

Taking in less daily calories, is likely to result in low blood sugar. Sugar is necessary for producing energy. A person on this diet will have less energy levels and experience dizzy spells because of low blood sugar.

There is also a higher risk of developing eating disorders as a result of fasting and the body getting used to being deprived of sufficient intake of certain foods.

Other risks may include depression from starving the brain, paranoia, fatigue, inability to handle cold weather, and malnutrition.

Never Follow Diet Plan that Promotes Anorexia

Nutritionists will tell you how dangerous it is to follow any diet that can lead you to anorexia, the implications on your health are very serious and some may be very hard to reverse. Depriving the body of vital nutrients can never be healthy even with the prospect of losing excess weight. Many people who try this diet are tempted to continue with it even after the 50-day program because they would like to continue losing weight but the risk of becoming anorexic will increase in such circumstances and the body’s metabolic system will be weakened by the fasting for that long from important nutrients.

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Healthy ABC Diet

A proper ana ABC diet strategy isn’t just by what you eat but also tips on how to change your lifestyle to enter a healthy eating routine that is regular. The suggestions below can help you adore your healthful diet meal plan should you not follow it due to the hassle or remorse you feel, rather than despising it.

Food List

There are basically 6 groups of foods you need to eat for a healthy diet. These include:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Protein
  • Water
  • Whole grain
  • Healthy oils

Vegetables make up the biggest composition of the diet with all forms of vegetables included in here to provide as much vitamin and fiber as possible. Whole grain and protein then make up the next portion and fruits makeup slightly less than a quarter of the healthy intake. Healthy oils include vegetable oils, essential oils, and non-trans-fats. Water may be drunk in its pure form or even as tea, coffee, juice and the like but with limited amount of sugar and dairy products.

What are the Foods to Never Eat?

With the diet, calories are the enemy and so most foods that have high calorie content are considered bad for any progress. Some of these include: Artificial sweeteners which contain even more calories than the normal sugar, sugar as well is limited or given up completely, beef and other red meat, egg yolk, chocolate, dairy products, avocado, energy drinks and other high-calorie foods.

Healthy ABC Diet Plan

There are healthy ABC diet plans you can follow for a safer weight loss program. Although it also watches the amount of calorie intake, it remains within the healthy limit for calorie intake. It is okay to eat whatever you want as long as it does not exceed 1500 calories and involves exercising regularly for a minimum of 3 days a week or maximum of 6 days a week. This plan is meant to encourage healthy eating with exercise to burn out excess fat which is the main reason people put on weight. This diet plan acknowledges that the human body needs calories to function so getting 1200 calories and exercising keeps the body healthy. It also emphasizes controlling cravings for things like chocolate, sugary drinks, salty foods and oily foods.

30 Days Healthy ABC Diet Plan

Day 1 : 900 calories
Day 11 : 1000 calories
Day 21 : 1150 calories
Day 2 : 800 calories
Day 12 : 950 calories Day 22 : 900 calories
Day 3 : 900 calories
Day 13 : 1100 calories
Day 23 : 800 calories
Day 4 : 1000 calories
Day 14 : 1100 calories
Day 24 : 950 calories
Day 5 : 900 calories
Day 15 : 900 calories Day 25 : 1000 calories
Day 6 : 1100 calories
Day 16 : 800 calories Day 26 : 950 calories
Day 7 : 1100 calories
Day 17 : 950 calories Day 27 : 1100 calories
Day 8 : 900 calories
Day 18 : 900 calories Day 28 : 1150 calories
Day 9 : 800 calories
Day 19 : 1000 calories Day 29 : 900 calories
Day 10 : 900 calories
Day 20 : 1100 calories
Day 30 : 900 calories


  • Pink days are weekends
  • Drink lots of water
  • Do lots of exercise
  • Only eat healthy food

This healthy diet plan has been proven to work effectively to reduce excess weight.

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