All Things You Need To Know About Using Pro Ana Laxatives

The human body is bad up of fat and muscles alike but some people gain more fat over the years and start to become obese. As we know losing weight isn’t quite easy and it does take a lot of time but often people try to fasten it by taking supplements. Being Pro Ana starts with being a lifestyle choice in a person, but soon it can degenerate into a mental condition. People can stay fit and thin by following diets and food regimes.

Pro Ana Laxatives

But anorexic individuals believe in giving their body the least amount of calories they can, often fasting for days. One’s goals should always be to meet the calorie intake and exercise well to maintain a healthy weight. Weighing below the ideal weight often causes the body to become a host for certain diseases. One popular method that pro Ana people use for quick weight loss is the use of laxatives.

Information about Pro Ana Laxatives:

1. What are Laxatives for Pro Ana weight loss?

Laxatives are mainly a kind of drug that helps to ease people who are suffering from constipation. Laxatives some way induce a change or irritation in the intestines which makes the people go to the bathroom. Many anorexic people take laxatives once or even twice a day to relieve themselves as they think it helps them to lose weight.

Some types of laxatives are:

  • Bulking Laxatives help in bulking up the stool for it to pass easily.
  • Osmotic Laxatives help in drawing water from tissues to soften the stool.
  • Lubricant Laxatives helps in lubricating the stool for it to glide out of the body.
  • Emollient Laxatives take the help of fats and water to make the stool pass easily from the body.
  • Stimulant Laxatives use contractions in the intestines to bring in a bowel movement.

2. What does a laxative do to your body to lose weight?

Laxatives mainly accumulate the water in your body to bulk up your waste, so the most weight lost is just water. Taking laxatives daily will just induce dehydration which is bad for our organs. The water weight one loses will be gained back in a day or two.

3. Popular pro ana laxatives for weight loss by people

  • Pro ana laxative pillsLaxative pills are the go to option as they can be found OTC and these days there are quite a few of natural laxative pills.
  • Laxative teas are quite popular among people and often Pro Ana people also take them throughout the day.
  • Epsom salt helps with people, who have constipation problems, and often anorexic people do use it, but they should always see that the Epsom salt is for human consumption. Regular usage can cause problems in the body.
  • Laxative cocktails are homemade recipes which help in relieving bowels. But all they do is dehydrate the body.
  • Chocolate laxatives are often used before an examination and people are prone to get diarrhea and stomach pain from them.
  • Caffeine has been known to aid constipation and that is the reason why many anorexics drink coffee and take caffeine pills throughout the day as they think it will help in weight loss.

4. Pro Ana laxative brands

Some of the brands used are:

  • Coloxyl
  • Dulco-Lax
  • Ex-lax
  • Equate Women’s Laxative

5. How people use laxatives for weight loss?

Laxatives for weight loss are used in the same way as constipated patients will use it. They prefer to take it at night, if they want a strong dose then they can go up to 3/4 pills. Along the day the people also take caffeine and other natural laxative like products which they believe will aid them in their quick weight loss. Regular laxative usage can come in natural bowel movements and may also cause addictions.

6. Why do laxatives help people lose weight?

There is no proof that laxatives help in weight loss. The most weight loss is just the bulked up water that helped in loosening the wastes. People often restrict their calories when using laxative as a weight loss tool.

7. Use of Pro Ana laxatives after a binge

Binging is a phenomenon where people eat a lot of food at a single sitting and then they regret it. Often Anorexic people tend to overdose on laxatives when they are prone to binge. An overdose often has severe consequences.

8. Laxative overdose in pro ana

Laxatives taken in huge quantities and regularly can hinder in the normal work of the body. An overdose of any laxatives can lead to severe dehydration, loss of electrolyte and minerals in the body, constant diarrhea, nausea, constant stomach pain etc. Overdose can often lead to a hospital admission due to the severe condition of the patient.

9. Laxatives and water weight

Our body is mainly made up of water when we start dieting the first thing we lose is the water weight. Laxatives often induce bulking of the waste or softening the waste through the water. So, using it daily will lead to the elimination of the essential fluids in our body. One may feel lighter but if they stop using the laxatives then they will gain back the weight in just a few days. This is one of the main reasons why anorexics use laxatives almost daily.

10. Pro Ana laxative diet

As anorexic individuals take the laxatives, they often feel motivated by the sudden weight loss and they keep on continuing taking the laxative. They have a limited calorie intake, sometimes as low as 200/300 calories a day and throughout the day they often take drinks like coffee and diet soda to get the caffeine. They often get stomach aches and feel nauseated but they think it is a good way to not feel hungry.

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11. What are the side effects of laxative abuse?

Laxative abuse is a serious issue among anorexics who are prone to use them regularly and here are some of the consequences that it can lead to:

  • Electrolytes are essential for our body’s muscles and nerves and over the use of laxatives cause depletion in them. Over time the imbalance will hurt the organs sustaining the body.
  • Severe dehydration is the most common side effect; it leads to seizures, kidney damage, blurry vision, weakness and will in all cases lead to being admitted to a hospital.
  • The regular usage of laxative makes a person dependant on them and the body stops reacting to the usual bowel movement procedure and more doses of laxatives become necessary.
  • The regular usage often leads to gut disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, colon infection and also may lead to liver damage. Using laxatives increases the percentage of getting colon cancer in the future.

FAQ about Pro Ana Laxatives

1. Do laxatives help you lose weight as a pro Ana?

No, they only help in getting out the water weight and over time makes the body dehydrated to a huge extent. It is very important to take in lots of electrolytes and water if you face dehydration.

2. Is taking laxatives an eating disorder?

Not when they are taken for constipation. But if someone is taking laxatives to have weight loss then in the near future it can get evolved as an eating disorder as people are often prone to restrict their food as well. Taking of laxatives are often connected to eating disorders such as Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa.

3. What is an osmotic laxative?

Osmotic Laxatives mainly trigger the intestines to draw water from the nearby tissues and then the water is used to soften the stools and making it smoother for a bowel movement. The usual components of an osmotic laxative are Polyethylene Glycol.

4. What is a bulk forming laxative?

Bulk forming laxatives are the most used laxatives and are also found very easily. They may take up to 12 hours to work and are gentle on the person’s body. These laxatives often have cellulose in them which swells in the intestine and helps in lubrication of the stool to move out easily.

5. What is a stimulant laxative?

Stimulant laxatives work very fast by causing a contraction in the intestines to bring on a bowel movement. Some common components of them are Bisacodyl, Senna and castor oil. It is recommended not to use it regularly.

6. Why do Bulimic’s take laxatives?

Bulimics often have a habit of taking laxatives as they believe that it will help them to lose weight. Bulimia is mainly a disorder where a patient binges on a huge amount of food and forcefully purges it to get rid of it.

7. How many laxatives should I take to lose weight fast?

You should never use laxatives as a weight loss tool. It is best to get into a healthy diet and exercise regularly to lose weight properly.

8. How much weight can you lose by taking laxatives?

You can only lose a certain amount of water weight that is present in the body. Often you will gain it back after you leave using the laxatives. Any weight loss diet includes the elimination of water weight when someone is on it.

9. Can laxatives cause stomach pain?

Yes, they can cause stomach pain if they are used for a prolonged period. Abdominal cramps are also felt while using stimulant laxatives as they work by contracting the intestines. In case of prolonged pain please go to the emergency care immediately.

10. Can laxatives cause colon cancer?

Laxative use may increase the probability of having colon cancer. The rate increases if you use laxatives daily in your life.

11. Can you overdose on laxatives and die?

If you have an overdose of laxatives then it is advisable to visit the hospital as soon as possible. Death doesn’t occur immediately but it can occur if it is untreated for a long time. Overdose often causes nausea, severe diarrhea and abdominal pain.

12. Is it a good decision to take laxatives to lose weight?

It is never a good decision to take any supplements for weight loss be it diet pills or laxatives. Regular usage of foreign materials can deteriorate the internal organs and often cause dangerous diseases.

13. What are the side effects of long term laxative use?

Long term laxative usage can make one dependant on the laxatives to help them have a bowel movement; they may also face dehydration and infections in intestines. It can also lead to liver damage and colon cancer. Long term use also leads to laxative abuse and overdoses.

14. Can laxatives lead to weight gain?

Laxative usage often leads to binge eating in people with the eating disorder and it may lead to weight gain. In reality, laxatives only work in the intestines to make you have an easier bowel movement, so it doesn’t interfere in stomachs work of digesting and utilising the food.

15. Are there any laxatives that really work without bad side effects?

Natural laxatives often are good for the body but only when used for constipation. If you abuse any kind of laxative, it will be bad for your body.

16. Where to get laxatives for weight loss?

Laxatives are often OTC drugs and you can even get them online. They are made for constipation and not for weight loss. So, if you go for them as a miraculous weight loss pill then they will definitely fail you.

Using laxatives may seem as an easy way out for most people. But as we have seen losing too much water and electrolytes from your body will harm you and make you weak. If you want to lose weight then do proper research or visit a dietician to get a proper analysis and embark on a journey which will be fruitful and will make you happy over time. Using quick fixes often leads to adverse side effects and mental illness and depression.

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