Switch to a Fibre Diet to Lose Those Extra Pounds of Fat

fibre foods for weight lossThe myth that a well-maintained intake of food and restricting the diet is what helps in weight loss is literally meaningless. The rate of weight loss of a person varies from person to person and a standard diet chart may not be effective for every person. The major reason for a successful weight loss process is to fasten the metabolism of the body. An increased metabolism is the main reason for a faster weight loss and the intake of proper food is what is very important to regulate the process. While there may be a lot of different kinds of diet chart and food and even medicines, food with higher fibre content is what has been very effective in counteracting those extra pounds.

What are Fibres?

Before we proceed to what are the best fibre foods for weight loss, it is very important to know what exactly fibres are. Fibres comprise the dietary material that consists of cellulose, pectin and lignin which help in regulating the process of digestion of food, thereby increasing the metabolism of the body. Even small amount of fibre intake makes an individual feel full which is one of the pivotal reasons for the effective weight loss. According to dietary needs, a minimum of 30g of fibres in the daily diet is very important for a proper metabolism.

Fibre Foods for Weight Loss and Optimal Health


The main sources of dietary fibres are:

The main sources of dietary fibre lie in a lot of fruits and a few other food sources. The following part of the article is going to focus on those sources along with the amount of the same that needs to be eaten on a daily basis.


These kinds of berries are not widely available throughout the world but if you find that locally accessible in your place make the most use out of it. The advised amount of raspberries that should be eaten is 8 grams. If you are not that acquired the taste, mix and match it with the kind of food that you like, maybe some dark chocolate?


Guava is a kind of fruit that not many people like. Some due to its taste while others due to the strong smell. But a lot of people are unaware of its good properties when it comes to weight loss. Regular intake of around 9 grams of guava can be very beneficial to up regulate the body’s metabolism. Guavas can be in its raw form or even can be eaten as a side to some other dish.


Another good and tasty source of dietary fibres are figs. They can be used as a condiment on pizzas or even just ate with a slice of good cheese to enhance its flavour. The standard amount of intake is considered to be around 8 grams per day.


And everyone’s favourite fruit, with a bit of sweetness and tang is also very much helpful in maintaining a proper body weight with its high dietary fibre. Pomegranates are very rich in not just fibres but also in a variety of phytonutrients which is very good for health. The advised amount is around half a cup of the pomegranate seeds or around 4 grams of it per day.


Barley is considered to be one of the best sources of dietary fibres and even tastes good if cooked properly. It helps in making the person feel full even when you have had just a small portion of the mean. Not just that, it regulates the metabolism and even makes the bowel movements normal. The standard of amount of Barley that is advised to be eaten each day is around a cup of the cooked product, or around 6 grams to be precise.

Banana and Dark Chocolate

Well, the sub heading is enough to make a person drool, after all, who doesn’t love banana and chocolate together, right? While banana contains a lot of fibre and water in it, dark chocolate has a lot of anti-oxidants in it. The two of them together is very good for a good and healthy body. It even is good to snack on when you feel hungry.


Kiwi is very good for people who have an increased and abnormal amount of cholesterol and high triglyceride levels in their body. They help in reducing the amount of triglycerides in the body, accumulation of which can result in very fatal occurrences to an individual. Consuming two kiwis a day is enough for a healthier lifestyle.


While people think that nuts only contain fats and unhealthy stuff in it, it is a complete myth and holds no truth in it. Almonds constitute for around 15% of the daily fibre needs and are a great source of iron and magnesium as well. They can be eaten as it is or even with your morning cereal or whipped with some yoghurt.


This is something not many people are familiar with. Edamame is nothing but soya in its rawest form. The beans are a great source of fibre and even contain vitamin B and several kinds of amino acids. The fiber payout is around 8 grams per cup.


Yet another kind of staple apart from rice, couscous or quinoa is Bulgur. There are many kinds of Bulgur recipes that are not just healthy but very delicious as well. Intake of this not only compensates for the fibre need of the body but also helps in regulating the irregular bowel movement. The fibre payout is around 8.2 grams per cup of Bulgur (cooked).


While you were eating guacamole or having sliced avocados in your sandwich, did you even think about the nutritional value of the food that you are eating? Avocados are rich in fibre and potassium which is very much essential for a healthy and fit body. Apart from that, it also contains several vitamins which are essential for maintenance of a healthy heart. The fibre payout from intake of avocados is around 9.8 grams per cup.

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It is important to eat dietary fibre rich foods and to have a solid mix of soluble and insoluble fibres in your diet. If you have a good mix of soluble and insoluble fibres in your diet, you will have the nutrients that bind to unwanted fat and also nutrients that push those easily out of your body.

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