Important Tips on Pro Ana after Pregnancy

There are many of us who realize the struggle of emotions when we gain so much weight while being pregnant. There are many who have trouble losing weight after pregnancy, who are needing positive feedback as they try to achieve their goal of reaching their satisfactory goal weight. Most of these women can become very worried about getting back into shape, or back to their size, after pregnancy. Pro Ana after pregnancy, can help to uplift a woman during this time whether it be through social media, support groups, or websites.

Pro Ana after PregnancyDuring Pro Ana’s sessions, have impacted many positively and focuses this feedback on a woman’s state of mind. Also, the reviews that women write and post are a positive way to encourage the women who are suffering, with this emotional battle, to keep going and helps them to feel supported because other women have dealt with and been through the same thing as them.

Pro Ana helps women to accept their bodies and themselves for who they are, and encourage them to hold their head high despite of what others may think. They welcome the disease of anorexia, and those who are battling eating disorders, or having negative doubts after pregnancy. They help to focus on accepting themselves and not looking at themselves as people with a problem or disease, but as a human being who is completely and 100% who they are and not to let society change that.

Many anorexic women, struggle a great deal during pregnancy. As we all are aware, during pregnancy women can gain quite a bit of weight. Usually, weight can vary but, during the first trimester, a woman can gain from 1 up to 6 pounds during that time period. Therefore, it is important for them to keep a proper and healthy diet to refrain from gaining too much weight. However, women with an eating disorder who are pregnant, it is very much harder for them. These women struggle greatly through pregnancy and enhancing the possibility of delivering a preterm infant.

How can I Lose Weight Safely?

Eat including lots of fruit and vegetables in your meals. Drink water each day to remain well hydrated and choose the snacks that are right. It will ensure you possess the power to adapt to life together with your newborn as helping you to lose weight in a healthier pace.

These 4 tips will help you to achieve and maintain a safe and healthy weight:

  • Make time for breakfast in the morning.
  • Eat at least five pieces of fruit and vegetables a day.
  • Include starchy foods such as rice and bread in every meal.
  • Watch your portion sizes at mealtimes, and the number and type of snacks you eat between meals.
    Include lots of fibre-rich foods like grains, beans, lentils, oats and seeds.

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pro ana diet ebookThe Pro Thinspiration Diet eBook

The best book on pro ana diet that i have read is “The Pro Thinspiration Diet” by Charlotte Thomson (Fitness Coach, Author & Researcher). The books explains how the woman body is programmed and how we should eat accordingly. I lost nearly 24 pounds not even following it strictly. Here’s the website where you can get more information.

Eating Disorder and Pregnancy

Pro Ana encourages these women, after delivery, and consoles them in their time of hardship when dealing with the extra weight on their bodies. They will share their own ways on reducing the side effects of anorexia, promoting veganism, inducing vomiting, and learning ways to successfully suppress hunger pains. They are incredibly proud of who they are, and refuse to hide their disease from others. It is, of course, every woman’s wish to not gain during pregnancy. Therefore, when she does gain the weight, it needs to be quickly addressed and taken care of.

Pro Ana provides excellent motivation on a woman’s weight loss through thin inspiration, encouraging these women after pregnancy, to shoot for their goal of dropping the weight. Being thin is the absolute goal for every one of these women. So, they learn how to make Ana their own thin inspiration as the center for their lives.

Many of the Pro Ana pregnancy reviews, are the absolute best way to encourage these women. This helps them to surround themselves with women, who are exactly like them and have been through the exact same process as them. This helps these women to be proud of their bodies no matter the circumstance, and to never be ashamed of the way their bodies look, or to be ashamed of their eating disorder.

The community, however, has left a mixture of reactions on the blogs and forums for Pro Ana. Many apparently question if this system is actually an unhealthy and disastrous health impact on women who believe this way. These women, however, do not care about these issues and keep on enjoying and loving who they are. They view it that people, who are not like them, cannot understand why they accept themselves for their disease and eating disorders. That is what Pro Ana is there for. To these women, there is no one better to talk to or share their personal lives and stories with, than with someone who goes through what they do and understands what they deal with on a daily basis.

They cannot be brought down by the community or social media bashing. They want to accept themselves and love themselves for exactly who they are. Mothers who have given birth with this disease and women alike will continue to support and help each other, through Pro Ana, in their life struggles.

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