A Guide to Teach You the Best about Red Tea for Weight Loss

Green Tea and other forms of tea have been known for its properties for losing weight when consumed properly. Red tea is something that has been known for its herbal properties, and here we will discuss how you can use red tea for weight loss. Red tea is commonly named as Rooibos tea which is caffeine free and thus very beneficial for losing weight.

Red Tea for Weight Loss

Is Red Tea Good for Losing Weight?

Red tea is known to have flavonoids which are the best agents if used properly for weight loss. Catechin is a flavonoid which is usually responsible for causing the weight loss when consumed for a longer period. If a person can consume almost 660 mgs of Catechin, then they would lose weight more effectively than the ones consuming it on a much lower level. Since the flavonoids are proven to be present in Red tea; it is a very strong competitor for green tea regarding losing weight.

How Red Tea Help in Weight Loss?

There are some major reasons why red tea helps in weight loss and the first one being the presence of flavonoids. Now, listed below are the three causes how it helps:

  • Calories: The lower the number of calories you consume the better and in case of Red Tea its only two calories for every 8 ounces of serving. You can lose about 2 pounds every week if you can skip on the soda and have red tea.
  • Sugar Level: Red tea can help in maintaining the metabolism and in turn regulating the whole blood sugar level for one person. This also helps the diabetic patients by controlling the hunger and thus losing weight.
  • Sweet: Red tea or Rooibos is sweet, and thus one can have it without the sugar or sweetener itself. Thus, skipping the sugar even once or twice during the day can help you lose a lot of weight on a daily basis.

How to Prepare Red Tea at Home for Weight Loss?

There are multiple recipes one can follow for maintaining a proper red tea weight loss diet. But this one recipe is effective in case of Red tea:

Ingredients: Water, Red Tea, Mint Leaves and Ice Cubes

Method: The procedure for making Red tea is almost similar to any other tea. You need to add 1 and half a teaspoon full of red tea into a cup of boiling water. It will make up for about 8 ounces of serving. Now, the tea should be given time to dissolve in the water for at least 5-6 minutes and if you like to have a much stronger flavor then more time. Unlike other tea’s this doesn’t get bitter with time so you can leave it for as long as you want. Now, the longer period requires a method where you can freeze the tea for some days and then have it after heating it up in parts. You can also add mint to the cold tea with some ice to make it up as a refreshment drink.

When is the Best Time to Drink Red Tea for Weight Loss?

Red Tea is not the kind of tea that would alter your system apart from the good results it will bring. One can consume it once or twice daily to have the weight loss benefits. Now, red tea is so beneficial one can have it at night too since it has no caffeine and thus keeping you normal without raising your metabolism more than necessary.

How much Red Tea should I Drink to Lose Weight?

As we have mentioned above that Red tea has the major properties required for keeping your weight in check but without adding extra caffeine to your system. It is free of Theine, and thus you can consume red tea whenever you feel like. You can prepare the tea, store it which will let the leaves get properly infused and then have it when it is ready. You can drink it hold or cold as per your preference. It can be consumed after meals too because it will not cause any issue indigestion. People will have to drink about 3-4 cups of red tea daily for having the best results regarding weight loss.

Red Tea Detox to Lose Weight:

Fat can be cleansed away from our body in many different ways, and one of them is detoxifying with tea. Red tea should normally be consumed in the ways given above, but then for getting a detox, it is important to exercise a little too. You will not be hungry while you are following the diet since you will have a normal low carbohydrate diet with the red tea at proper intervals. You will lose about a total of 15 pounds within a month or even lesser than that. You don’t have to keep a count of calories because this detox program requires you to do so. You will feel lighter and stress-free as soon as you go about a week following the program.

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Pros & Cons of Red Tea for Weight Loss:

There are pros and cons to everything, and the Red Tea has more pros than cons which will be listed below:

Pros of Red Tea:

  • Has Antioxidants: People usually consume tea to clear out the toxins and add more antioxidants to their natural system. The health of our body changes once the introduction of antioxidants increases with time. The repair of the cells is done at a much faster pace since the antioxidants help the cells.
  • Blood Sugar Level: People who are suffering from diabetes can consume this tea since it doesn’t require sugar to be added from outside and thus making the whole drink a much consumable option for everyone.

Cons of Red Tea:

There is only one con for the red tea is that it is not found very easily since it is not produced everywhere.

This guide must help you with your knowledge regarding red tea, how it is to be consumed and how it can help almost anyone suffering from weight issues. Make sure to make it properly and store it for longer use!

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