What Should You Eat Before Working Out To Burn The Most Fat?

We all have heard myths about eating before or after a workout, what we should eat before starting a workout or sip through the workout. Now, there are certain things that we should keep in mind while we work out in the morning, during the day or at night even. We should consume the right amount of proteins or carbohydrates throughout the day; we have to consume the fatty products less etc.

What Should You Eat Before Working Out To Burn The Most FatWe should also remember which exercises we should do during which part of the day. This way the workout will be effective enough for losing the weight too. Given below are some of the major things one must remember while working out:

The Importance of Eating before a Workout

This is very important for one to note that eating before working out is necessary in order to give some fuel to the body. Your body needs to kick start before you start working out in the morning because it has been asleep for a while now. You will be performing with a high streak, and thus you need to eat before you jump start with the working out. Imagine your car doesn’t have enough fuel or maybe your phone doesn’t have enough charge, will it function properly? We don’t think so.

The strength, the stamina or the speed won’t be that intense if you won’t eat anything before you start working out. This will further result in lower metabolism, and thus lesser calories would be burned while you work out. Another result of not eating before can be the lower strength which further can make your blood sugar levels go down, making you feel dizzy and sick.

There is no need of gulping down kilos, but a healthy snack does the job for you. Eating something almost 45 minutes prior to working out is a great idea.

Is it Bad to Exercise on an Empty Stomach?

Eating before an exercising session is a necessary thing that you must not forget, but eating in a huge quantity is something that you should strictly avoid? Eating in larger quantity right before you work out will not only make you feel bloated but also divert the body’s attention towards breaking down the ones that you have just consumed rather than the weight you have from before. Your digestive system will work towards the breaking down of food and thus consume more energy.

Now, blood gives us the oxygen required for the energy for doing anything, but with more energy consumed, you will get lesser oxygen, and thus your muscles won’t have that strength to exercise. So, remember to eat in a specific quantity and not too much or too less, because either of them isn’t good for your health.

Drinking water is necessary and thus eating something small and nutritious is also a part of the routine, avoid heavy food items that will make you feel heavy or can also make you not want to work out immediately.

What to Eat before a Cardio Workout?

The main aim for you should be eating in a way where you provide your body the desired energy and do not stuff it unnecessarily. Since, when your body doesn’t have proper food items, it might get tired easily, and your workout session won’t be as desired. Another reason why you need to eat is that you might feel famished after the workout and thus result in eating. Now, what you should eat before a cardio to lose weight would be:

  • Mixed Meals: This is the best type of food before a cardio or any workout for best results. You have to mix the three of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat in order to balance your routine of exercise. Do it almost 2-3 hours prior to working out.
  • Pasta: This is another of your choices where you can have whole wheat pasta along with meatballs and salad.
  • Baked potato: This goes really well with broccoli, beans, and an orange.
  • Yogurt: Of course a non-fat one.
  • Fruit and Cottage Cheese: 1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese with 1/2 cup berries or melon. Add a banana for endurance.

What to Eat before a Morning Workout?

Fuel is necessary for running a car, so is food for your body. But you should not overload yourself with food, always eat in specific quantity and remember what to eat when. This way your body’s weight would be maintained too. Your body differs from the body of another person, and thus it is important you check the proper meal detail before you munch on something.

There are different options you can choose from and eat them an hour prior to working out. You need to consume at least 45 gms of carbohydrates with some protein. Some options are:

  • Take some peanut butter and apply that onto 1/2 slice of a whole wheat bread.
  • Mix a half cup of your cottage cheese into sliced grapes measured a quarter cup.
  • Have an ounce full of cheese with crackers of your choice or just some crackers.
  • A smoothie of your choice. (This 1 “Weird” Smoothie Ingredient can burn 3 pounds in 3 days. Get the recipe here)
  • A handful amount of raisins or a small banana.
  • A quarter cup full of blueberries along with some yogurt measured in half a cup.
  • Some applesauce.

What to Eat before Evening Workout?

There are people who do not get enough time for working out in the morning, and thus they pay visits to the gym or do it at home during the evening. But as we have read in the above mentioned points that eating is necessary when we are talking about exercise. You will have to maintain the correct time for eating in a routine. If you start the exercise with a full stomach, then your mind will concentrate properly on the exercise and not how fast you will finish this and go eat. So, there are some healthy food items that you can munch on before your evening workout session starts:

  • Oatmeal: This is an alternate option for a meal but has comparatively fewer calories and is also easy to make. This is a good energy provider and settles fast.
  • Protein Shake: This is not only an option for food but normally also considered a great drink because of the protein intake.
  • Bananas: The starch and the sugar intake from bananas would give your body an immense amount of energy.

Myths about Eating before Exercise:

There are several different myths about eating before one’s head out for a workout session, but it is important that you ignore them and eat the required amount. The myths around eating before exercising are:

  • The energy required for performance: Of course, you need fuel before starting your car, but that does not mean that you need kilos of it. You can even work out after having a banana or a small cup of oats. It depends on your body’s metabolism what you should have and when you should have.
  • Forgoing food for burning fat: This is another wrong concept since the body is supposed to burn the fat and calories from the body in a natural way. That doesn’t change if you eat a lot before working out rather that would make you tired because the body’s digestive system would now work for the food.
  • Eat carbohydrates before workout: It is fine to eat things apart from carbohydrates before you start working out. If you have a cup/ bowl of oat meal, or a banana or a glass of smoothie, it will not make a huge difference as long as your body can keep up.

Is There an Ideal Meal to Eat before Exercise for Women?

Now, this is very common that the body of male and a female function very differently and so, it is important that they have different types of the meal before their workout sessions?

  • Bagels: Bagels are known to be a great supplement before you start your workout sessions. Of course, it is recommended that you have whole grain bagels in order not to bloat your body.
  • Carrots: You can munch on them easily, and you don’t have to worry about preparing a meal either. They have the potential energy that is provided by the carbohydrate and also potassium for controlling your blood pressure, muscle contractions and some other problems.
  • Berries: These supply a huge amount of antioxidants to your body and are great for pre workout meals. Any kind of berries would provide you with the much-needed nutrients and thus give protection for any muscle problems.

Is There an Ideal Meal to Eat before Exercise for Men?

The topic is again similar to the last one, where we discussed what women might need before an active workout session? Now men would require different food items while they prepare for working out:

  • Oats: Irish oats are the type of oats that are processed the least and have lower levels of glycemic, so this is a good option for you to have before working out. They take a little more time for cooking, but they will fill you up heartily.
  • Vegetable Omelette: People who run for the workout session right after they have had their breakfast would love this easy one. Eggs are known to be the best proteins one can consume and thus our body’s habit of using natural protein would help yours in burning more calories.
  • Classic Lunch: Though it is named as lunch it is a great meal to have before workouts. This would consist of proteins, sweet potatoes, antioxidants and some green vegetables. A full meal thus eating a 1-2 hour prior is recommended.

Best Pre-Workout Meal to Lose Weight:

banana and oatmeal for weight lossThere are several different meal compositions good for one’s body, but everybody needs different supplements according to their body types. We all need a similar quantity of everything although i.e. Dietary fat, Proteins, and Carbohydrates. Now it is important that we get a proper chart of the divisions that we need to consume before working out. Eating anything out of the equation would make you feel bloated and heavy. Although since breaking fatty products is hard, it is recommended at a very low level. Here we will list down best ideas for pre workout meals that you can have for weight loss:

  • Oatmeal and Whey protein: If you are someone that suffers from stomach problems then this would be your best pick for both pre workout and weight loss.
  • A banana and 10 almonds
  • An apple with a bit of peanut butter
  • A complete meal consisting of 2 eggs (whole), 2 egg whites, Onions, peppers, cheese that is low fat, grapefruits or oatmeal.
  • A banana, glass of milk and a protein bar.
  • Oats: This is yet again the recurring food on the list of best foods.
  • Smoothies are a great choice. Try one with non-fat milk, berries, whey protein and ice.
  • Iced coffee and whey protein: 1 cup iced coffee with 1 scoop whey protein

Eat 30 minutes before you work out.

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Thus these are our best picks from each segment about whether you should eat before working out, what you should eat before working out and how much. Try them out once you start your workout sessions!

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