Pro Ana Websites

Pro ana websites will go over the basic information about the diet and workouts. Here are some ideas on how to use them to help you lose weight.

The Truth about Pro Ana Sites on Facebook

Not many people are aware of the fact that Pro-ana sites are circulating on the internet and on Facebook. Pro-ana sites which appear on Facebook or other types of social media are meant to be secretive. Because of this theme’s social inappropriateness and clandestine nature, it is hard to locate pro-ana information. Pro-ana is a shortened version of the term, “pro-anorexia.” Pro-anorexia advocates run sites which promote eating disorders and anorexic-type behavior. Eating disorders are destructive and ruin lives, so it is bizarre that there are those who want to keep the practice of disordered eating alive.

Pro ana sites on facebookTopics which are discussed on Pro-ana sites on Facebook revolve are the “size-0” culture. Members of these sites share ideas on how to restrict food intake, how to lose weight, and how to stay thin. Even more appalling is the fact that these ideas are meant to be kept on the “down low.” Advocates of Pro-ana sites discuss ways to continue destructive behavior while keeping said destruction hidden from loved ones.

Websites like Facebook enables a secondary dynamic by enabling networking that is close. The girls who see these pages are now able to trade info and even exchange phone numbers to talk their problems above. The creators of the groups maintain so anorexic girls can support one another, they were created. A few of these websites are by focusing on recovering from anorexia legit. Yet the issue is the more girls get exposed to these pro anorexia websites, the more they will likely get a eating disorder.

Pro-ana sites are disturbing, to say the least. Unfortunately, if this eating disorder advocacy culture continues, many people will live in secretive sickness. These people will not only continue to remain ill, but they will spread their sickness to others. Eating disorders tend to be competitive in nature. Individuals with anorexia-nervosa, for example, tend to compete with other individuals with anorexia.

Making comparisons between oneself and other individuals with eating disorders tend to cause the disease to further spiral out of control. One may feel that they are not as “skinny” as another person, may eat too much compared to another person, or may not be as “disordered” as another person. These thoughts are obviously misconstrued by the mind of the ill individual, and ana sites only further the misconstruction of these image-related thoughts.

There are many people who suffer from eating disorders. Most of these people struggle on a daily basis. Food and obsessive thoughts revolving around weight keep them from feeling normal. A majority of these people with their disorder would love for it to go away. It is a silent killer and a serious Western epidemic. Luckily, once a disordered person recognizes they have a sickness, there are ways to get help. Not everyone who has an eating disorder wants to stay sick.

The big problem with Pro-ana sites on Facebook is that those who offer advice and tips are slowly killing the members following the site. Those who are lost may turn to anorexia advocates, who instead of offering positive help and support, offer ways to slowly destroy the body. Ana sites can only be described as internet locations where people are advocating the torture and murder of others.

Pro-ana sites are not the only eating disorder sites currently operating on social media. Pro-mia revolves around the advocacy of behaviors relating to bulimia. It makes sense that eating disorder advocates are on the web. Their openness towards the disease is another symptom of the disordered thinking that takes place in the mind of an ill individual. If you or a loved one is suffering from an eating disorder, please know that these sites will only cause bodily harm. Please contact the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) or a local therapist to get help.

How to Find the Perfect Pro Ana Websites

Many people especially women are looking lose weight and keep it off. The pro ana diet will help a woman lose weight but it is going to take a complete lifestyle change. There are some pro ana website that can help a beginner on this diet.

Pro Ana Websites for Beginners

pro ana websitesThese websites will go over the basic information about the pro ana diet. They will also give some tips on how a woman can stay safe during this diet. The website should clearly state eating disorders are not safe and are not encourage. The site should have some sample meal plans where a woman can get the nutrients that she needs while still cutting back on the number of calories she is consuming. The site should have a place where people on this diet can connect. This is very important. They need to be able to support each other and share advice on how to be safe yet be sure the diet is effective.

Finding a Good Pro Ana Website

A good pro ana website will give a woman tips on how to maintain this diet. They will come right out and provide information about eating disorders and how they are discouraged. The website will have a lot of information on tips and tricks to get started on this diet. A woman will learn that she is not alone on their diet and there will be options to find support. There will be information on how to continue the diet safely and additional resources about the origins of the pro ana diet.

Signs of a Healthy Pro Ana Website

There are some things to look for in a healthy pro ana website. The introduction paragraph to the website should denounce eating disorders. The site should provide tips on how to get started on the diet. The site should also have some personal stories and advice from women that have been on this diet and have been successful. This will help keep people motivated.


Signs of an Unhealthy Pro Ana Website

An unhealthy pro ana website will state that a woman should stop eating or eat just enough food to stay alive. One slice of tomato a day is not enough for a healthy woman to live on. They will encourage that a woman get so thin that her bones are showing and she should aim to be underweight.

Some Pro Ana Websites Turn Girl’s on to Anorexia

There is a difference, going to a bar can be just to meet with friends and to be social, it is not encouraging alcoholism and pro ana websites encourage anorexia because they view them as a life style where in reality they are psychiatric illness.

Chat Rooms

The pro ana website chatroom will allow the people that are on the diet the chance to talk with each other. They can share their struggles, success stories, and any problems that are experiencing with their diet. These chat rooms are for women that are on the diet or are beginning the diet. Users can also share helpful information with each other and provide encouragement.

Healthy Ana Diet Websites

There are a number of websites that are dedicated to the pro ana diet. These websites provide information, tips, tricks, and other useful information. These websites will also provide information on how to safely go on this diet and low calories recipes for foods.

Can a Pro Ana Website Heal Eating Disorders?

The healthy pro ana diet does not encourage eating disorders. While this diet does encourage a woman to restrict her calories as well as fat intake pro ana is not pro eating disorders. Many of these sites come right out and say that they do not encourage people to have eating disorders. Some of the sites even provide information for women that feel that they have an eating disorder to seek treatment and get help. The site say that eating disorders are dangerous and they are not encouraged in any way, shape or form. The sites will help a woman develop a healthy body image and will steer away from the eating disorders. There is a huge difference between cutting calories and eating healthy and starvation. Starvation and eating disorders are not encouraged at all by anyone that is one the pro ana diet.

The pro ana diet can help a woman lose weight and get the body that she has always wanted. There are a number of websites that are willing to provide her with both guidance and support on how to follow this diet and stay healthy without encouraging eating disorders.