Pro Ana Diet

Finding the right diet is a chore. Here is a great guide to a healthy pro ana diet that will help you get that look you’ve been wanting.

10 Powerhouse Fruits Pro Ana Weight Loss Diet Plan

We are all very familiar with the roadblocks we come across on the road to lose weight. We make a strict schedule and promise ourselves to follow it, but soon we find ourselves eating cupcakes at our friend birthday party and grabbing those complimentary colas at the annual office party. All the planning and effort goes to waste just because we could not resist that chocolate cupcake. Well, there is a better way to lose weight. Let fruits help you lose that extra padding around your waist and those “Horizontal “Abs which never let you try out those beautiful skin tight tops.

fruits pro ana

Why are fruits so effective in reducing weight?
Many studies have revealed that fruits are excellent in helping you lose weight due to their high water content. Fruits work wonders in reducing weight. 10, 15 or even 20 kilos can be lost with the help of fruits. They only contain natural sugars, and if you’re eating a whole fruit, as opposed to juice, the fiber in the whole fruit makes the sugar get absorbed slowly into your blood vessels, thus increasing its effectiveness.

This list has 10 best pro-ana fruits that will aid in your weight loss process. Most of the fruits in this list are already well known for their ability to reduce your body weight, and there are others that you never knew could have such good effects on your weight. Continue below to get a list of some power fruits which will help you to reduce your weight drastically.

1. Avocado
This is the best fruit to help you reduce your weight. Avocado has omega 9 fatty acid in huge quantities. Omega 9 acts towards speeding up the metabolism of your cells. It burns fat and boosts your energy to whole new level. Having an Avocado on a regular basis will make you lose weight and stay fit. Have it as a salad, and you will start seeing its weight reducing effects almost immediately.

2. Lemon
There is no other combination of lemon and honey which can melt down excess fat from inside. Lemon has a high content of Vitamin C and Vitamin B. It’s enriched with minerals like phosphorus and magnesium.  Drink a mixture of lemon and honey every morning, and it will work wonders. You will be able to feel the heat it produces to burn the fat while you stay active.

3. Watermelon
Watermelons do not contain any fat. This high water content fruit contains just 30 calories every 100g. It is rich in arginine which burns fat by aiding in the biosynthesis of proteins. The best thing about watermelons is that it will also keep your hunger at bay for a long time and prevent you from resorting to any unhealthy snacks.

4. Oranges
Oranges are very juicy citrus fruits. 100g of Oranges contains only 47 calories which are ideal for someone looking for some weight loss. Oranges are known as a fruit with negative calories. It means that it contains lesser calories than what your body needs to burn it. You will always burn more than you will eat.

5. Pomegranate
It’s a fruit with high fiber content. Its seeds have high antioxidant contents and fiber. Antioxidants enable the body to get rid of wasteful toxins. It also helps lower your appetite. They are low in calories, so they are renowned for working well towards weight loss.

6. Tomatoes
Many people consider them to be vegetables. Tomatoes are actually fruits and are well-armed with their benefits to aid in weight loss. Our body secrets Leptin which prevents weight loss .Tomatoes can reverse the effects that leptin has on the body. With less leptin, you will lose more weight.

7. Pineapple
Pineapples are rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Pineapple being free from any cholesterol or fat makes it a very useful fruit for pro ana weight loss. A pineapple salad with a pinch of salt tastes delicious and will keep you satiated between meals.

8. Berries
Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries are citrus fruits that have negligible carbohydrate content to give to your body. They are excellent detoxifiers and can clean your bowel too. They aid in digestion and due to their low-fat content, help you reduce weight as well.

9. Coconut
They are very useful in flushing bad cholesterols out of your body and make the liver strong. The Strong liver can function 30% better than an average individual. Strong liver increases your metabolism rate which in turn greatly reduces your weight

10. Dry Fruits
Recent studies have shown that people consuming dry fruits like almonds, raisins, and dates lose more weight than those who don’t. Ancient monks have used dry fruits to keep themselves fat-free and out of any excess weight to give their bodies the flexibility they need for intensive physical activities like Karate and Kung Fu. Dry fruits, as the name suggests are dry and are without any fat or calorie content. Almond also enables to have a sharp mind when consumed regularly.

smoothie for pro ana weight lossA lot of us may think that having the juice of these fruits would serve a better purpose, but it’s not going to help much. If the goal is to keep your weight down, you must eat whole fruits. Having fruit juice is best when you are looking for detoxification, but it’s not good when the target is weight loss. By juicing, the fiber is extracted from a fruit which is its most important component. Many health experts say that an increasing in fiber intake leads to weight loss. It’s because of the fiber present in fruits; the sugar absorption into the blood slows down. The fiber in fruits improves your digestion and keeps you satisfied for longer periods of time.

You can easily include fruits in your daily diet. Keep having a mouthful of these fruits as a snack between meals. It’s the best way to control that untimely hunger, and it also prevents you from overeating at meals. Have a fruit and cereals mixed breakfast or have them as a fruit salad for lunch. Fruits can be enjoyed any time of the day and with every meal. These fruits, when taken routinely, will definitely help you a lot towards your goal of pro ana weight loss.

The Shocking Truth about Pro Ana Green Tea Weight Loss

In the present world, everyone wants a model figure great for mirror selfies and all the crop tops. Beauty now is measured with how thin you are. Young women and even men are practicing every way to lose weight. Size zero is like being fat now, and people actually go to the extent of starving to get the goal weight. This way of losing weight rapidly is called pro-Ana lifestyle.

pro ana green tea weight loss

Pro ana is a debated form of lifestyle which is opposed to a medical condition. There are pro ana groups who promote rapid weight loss tips and tricks. These habits can be harmful due to excess weight. Pro Ana green tea weight loss can give desired results.

Green Tea Frequently Asked Questions

How can Green Tea Help You Pro Ana Weight Loss?

If tea is your favorite beverage, then one good thing is that you’re in the right list of weight loss. Though black tea is said to be the most liked, green tea helps to boost your metabolism. Green tea can play a vital role in losing a lot of pounds. The caffeine and flavonoids of green tea elevate the metabolism rate, improves insulin activities and increases fat oxidation.

Epigallocatechin, the most recognized flavonoid improved the insulin sensitivity and your lipid profile. Green tea boosts the weight loss plan, especially in the abdominal area. It is said that people consuming green tea reduced their waist size significantly and also lost overall weight when compared to non-green tea drinkers. Green tea is a safe addition to your diet. The components and ratio are different in various kinds of green tea or the tea extracts.

To know how green tea can help your pro ana weight loss, you require creating a shortage between your body’s energy intake and its energy expenditure. Green tea also contains a lot of nutrients like antioxidants and cancer-preventing compounds. So green tea is a healthy way to go even if not for weight loss. It’s a healthy choice of beverage.

How Many Cups of Green Tea will Help You Pro Ana Lose Weight?

One thing to keep in mind is that some varieties of green tea are better than the other one when it comes to losing weight. If weight loss is what you want to achieve from this particular beverage, you should go for Matcha green tea which has the richest source of antioxidants, and various nutrients had whole leaves ground and consumed as a beverage in comparison to the other kinds where the leaves are weak in nutrients. Unsweetened green tea is a good option as it is calorie free.

The sum of weight you lose out of a green tea diet depends on how much calories you’re consuming. If you’re consuming about 2,000 calories a day, you will be able to lose around 3lbs in one week, and if you’re fasting with 500 calories a day, it’s most likely that you’ll lose about 2.4lbs a week. The calculation of weight loss expectancy is based on 3,000 calories as equal to one pound of fat.

Cups of Green Tea for Various Methods of Weight Loss:

  1. One cup – Blood Sugar Level control

Non-fat lattes and zero sugar soft drinks might sound like an all right option to lose some of that flab, but that doesn’t lose any pound from your body. Replace a tiny of that beverage consumption with a cup of green tea. You will be able to save at least around 250 calories a day; green tea is basically calorie free. A cup of green tea a day can help in losing a pound in about six months. A cup of green tea maintains the necessary blood sugar level. The improvement in the insulin and glucose balance helps you to slim and maintain a positive height.

  1. Two Cups – Metabolism

Two cups of green tea a day boosts your metabolic actions. Two cups daily provide the favorable amount of crucial minerals including chromium and manganese and more. Green tea has amino acids like theanine which doesn’t cause jitters like caffeine does.

  1. Three Cups – Belly Fat Burner

Studies state that consuming green tea three cups a day can help you lose about 11 pounds of body fat, that how many cups of green tea will help you pro Ana lose weight. Three cups of green tea with low-fat milk helps to burn 106 calories each day if you drink it for three consecutive days, which means 38,000 calories for one year and 11 pounds of body fat gone. Working out with three cups a day helps to lose weight rapidly.

Green Tea Recipe for Pro-Ana Weight Loss:

The very basic thing to do first is to steer away from artificially flavored green tea; these are nothing but sugar and chemicals. Green tea needs a bit effort to prepare, green tea recipes for pro ana weight loss require pure and natural components in the preparation processes.

Green tea teabags

  • Boil water in a kettle/saucepan and place the unflavoured teabag in a cup.
  • After the water is boiled, pour the water in the cup after 3-4 minutes when the water isn’t searing hot.
  • Leave the teabag for 5 minutes and add honey or little lemon zest for flavor.
  • Take out the tea bag and drink it up.

Green tea leaves

  • Boil water in a saucepan till it starts to bubble.
  • Add a teaspoon of green tea leaves to it.
  • Add lemon zest, honey or cardamom for natural flavors.
  • As steam rises from the water, remove the pan from heat and strain the tea into a cup.
  • Drink up and get slim.

Green Tea Pro Ana Weight Loss Side Effects

Pro-Ana treats anorexia as a lifestyle which often encourages anorexic diets and poor eating habits. These habits can be harmful due to excess weight loss conditions but can help individuals who really need to lose weight to be healthy. So the regime of consuming green tea pro-Ana for weight loss has side effects.

  • Green tea is mostly safe for adults but exceeding the normal daily can have a negative health effect.
  • Exceeding five cups can result in severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, uneven heartbeat, convulsion and much more.
  • Can result in stomach ache, bowel disorders, and constipation.
  • Not recommended if pregnant or still lactating.

It is always recommended to consult a doctor before introducing green tea in your daily diet if you’re under any medication.

Allison Green Follow Me Fitness Review – Will it Really Work for You?

What is The Allison Green Follow Me Fitness?

Fitness is the crucial part of everyone’s life, and today staying fit has become a major concern for the majority because many are suffering from bad eating habit and obesity. This constantly rising concern of staying fit has given way to many different fitness programs, and out of thousand, only a few seem to work. Amongst thousands of programs being launched, there is one that is gaining quite an attention, and that is Allison Green Follow Me Fitness.

Today, we are taking the time to review this program and will help the readers know its working process.

Allison Green Follow Me Fitness Official Video

Allison Green Follow Me Fitness Review

What is The Allison Green Follow Me Fitness?

Allison Fitness program is a 90 days program that focuses on the right and unique diet and a set of effective exercises that helps one lose the body fat and get the perfect shape. The program has been compiled after experimenting with a lot of different diets and exercises. Once you will start using the exercise, the maximum weight you will lose is up to 27 lbs.

The program also talks about the myths that are associated with the weight losing program and the program, strongly dispels the myths by giving strong reasons.

Author Allison Green

Allison Green

Who Wrote, “Allison Green Follow Me Fitness?”

The program is written by Allison Green who is a member of the band Millionaires and sings along her sister. She also has appeared on a TV show Bad Girls Club. She, at her initial time, was very fat and her lifestyle made her lose energy quite often and then she decided that she needs to change.

She teamed up with many different people and tried different stuff like Yoga, Training, and others, but nothing really worked out for her as she puts it. Then, she with a few people complied this 90 days program of unique diet and set of exercises, and after adopting it, she lost 27 lbs. and attained a lean body.

How Does It Work?

The program is a 90 days program, and that is further divided into 3 different phases for 4 weeks each. The program focus on giving you a perfect diet along with the right set of exercises that work as a team to help you lose weight. The program increases the efficiency level boosting you to put a lot more effort in your gym and exercise session that will help you to lose more and more weight.

The different programs help you achieving the followings:
•    Develop more strength
•    Enhance the muscular endurance
•    Increase metabolic condition
•    Helps you burn more calories
•    Focuses on the important movement of your body
•    Helps you transform your body in a complete way

What are the Pros and Cons of the Programs?

The pro of the program is that it is effective and makes you lose a great deal of weight, but there are no cons have been recorded yet.

So, if you are tired of trying more than thousands of weight loss program, then this is something that you should give a try.

The Allison Green Follow Me Fitness Official Website – Click Here

Read These Tips about Pro Ana Detox Diet to Double Your Goal

The majority of the people, right now, at this very moment, are struggling hard to lose their weight. Today, losing weight has become an important part everyone’s life as it not only makes a person look bad, and it further increases the chances of getting attacked by many diseases like obesity, fluid loss, diabetes, and much more.

There are more than thousands of ways discovered and invented to help people lose their weight, but only a dozen of them seem to work. In much chaos to lose weight, another way or method has been invented, and that is healthy pro-ana detox diet.

What is Pro-ana Detox Diet?

pro ana detox dietA pro-ana detox diet shows you the healthy way through which you can lose your weight and gain back the energy level you once had when you were thinner and healthy. The diet starts with the eating of fresh fruits and vegetables, and you have to make it a daily part of your diet. The diet focuses on building a healthy eating habit and food that contains vitamins, fiber, phytonutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and the compounds that boost tour metabolism improves your digestion and pours nutrients to your body. In all, the diet focusses on making your body healthy.

Not any single food or vegetables have all the essential energy and compound, so, it is important for the human body to consume different food in order to gain all and the pro-ana detox diet focuses on that.

The diet mainly includes the uncooked foods, and this is because of steaming, frying and cooking damage a lot of essential part of the food. Eating raw food and vegetable helps improving the digestion system and it also cleans the body and detoxifies it.

There are many different ways through which one can start the healthy ana detox diet.

The Healthy Pro-ana Detox Diet Plan

There are many pro-ana detox plan which you can choose as per the suitability and convenience. We are sharing two of the healthy pro-ana detox plans that can help you lose your weight in a healthy way.

7 Days Liquid Pro-ana Detox Diet Plan

This 7 days liquid pro-ana detox diet plan is the most effective way to lose your weight, but make sure you are under your doctor’s consultation.

As the name suggests, this site is all about the liquid diet you will be on for next 7 days, and it is further divided into three parts i.e. breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For Breakfast

best detox dietAfter you have consulted with your doctor, you can start your morning by having fruit juice, and you should avoid having pulp. Along with this, you may eat cooked oatmeal and cream of white rice. Make sure to include milk and liquid supplement as a crucial part of this diet. You can rotate and change the juice you are taking in these 7 days and types of cereals you are eating. You can have smoothies and honey or maple syrup added to your juice or smoothies. For cereals, you can use melted butter.

Lunch and Dinner

For lunch and dinner, you can opt to have pureed soup. You can add avocado, yogurt, and tofu to increase the level of nutrients. Try to eat your soup with honey, lemon, and milk with a vegetable juice. You can also choose to eat baby foods, but not the lumps.

For desserts or snack, you can have a milkshake, pudding, fruit juice bars, and similar things.

3 Days Healthy Pro ana Detox Diet Plan

The 3 days healthy pro-ana detox diet plan is divided into 5 meals.


 For breakfast, you can have a small bowl of oatmeal added with few berries and ground linseed.

Mid-Morning Snack

For a mid-morning snack, you can have 10 almonds and one fruit, pear or apple, your choice.


For lunch, you can have one cup of beans cooked with garlic and onion with salad or brown rice.

Afternoon Snack

For an afternoon snack, you can eat carrots, celery, cut pepper with little hummus.


For dinner, you can have organic lean chicken, steamed green veggies, a little tofu, and roasted sesame seeds.

You can also have baked potato, tomatoes, oatcakes, natural yogurts, and avoid eating anything that is fried.

Ways to Detox Your Body Naturally

Detoxing your body means cleaning it. In today’s world, right from the air we inhale to the food we eat is mixed with pollution and nothing is pure. While consuming all, we make out body equals to a trash can where trashes are disposed, so, it is very important that you detox your body in a few days. We are discussing two ways through which you can detox your body naturally.

Eating the Right Food

One of the best ways to detox your body naturally is to eat the right food. Eat organic fruits and vegetables and avoid fast and processed food. Eating right food boosts your metabolism and improves your digestive system.


Exercise makes you sweat and maintain a healthy body. When you sweat, your body releases the toxins.

The Benefits of Detox Diet

There are more than dozens of benefits associated with the detox diet. Some of them are:

  • Better concentration
  • Weight loss
  • Reduced stress
  • Enhanced energy level
  • Decreases cravings
  • Makes the mood stable

Possible Side Effects of Extreme Pro ana Detox Diet

While on detox, there are chances that you may feel a few of the side effects. Some of the possible and most common side effects associated with detox are:

  • Fatigue
  • Uneasy sleeping patterns
  • Headache
  • Frequent urination
  • Loose stools
  • Uneasy digestion
  • Nausea

These are some of the side affects you may feel while taking up the detox diet.

The success of the detox diet has made it extremely popular amongst people and every day, the number of people opting for it is increasing. So, if you are anyway suffering from the weight loss issue, then the detox diets is something that is meant just for you, but before you opt for it, make sure, you are consulting your doctor.

Switch to a Fibre Diet to Lose Those Extra Pounds of Fat

fibre foods for weight lossThe myth that a well-maintained intake of food and restricting the diet is what helps in weight loss is literally meaningless. The rate of weight loss of a person varies from person to person and a standard diet chart may not be effective for every person. The major reason for a successful weight loss process is to fasten the metabolism of the body. An increased metabolism is the main reason for a faster weight loss and the intake of proper food is what is very important to regulate the process. While there may be a lot of different kinds of diet chart and food and even medicines, food with higher fibre content is what has been very effective in counteracting those extra pounds.

What are Fibres?

Before we proceed to what are the best fibre foods for weight loss, it is very important to know what exactly fibres are. Fibres comprise the dietary material that consists of cellulose, pectin and lignin which help in regulating the process of digestion of food, thereby increasing the metabolism of the body. Even small amount of fibre intake makes an individual feel full which is one of the pivotal reasons for the effective weight loss. According to dietary needs, a minimum of 30g of fibres in the daily diet is very important for a proper metabolism.

Fibre Foods for Weight Loss and Optimal Health

The main sources of dietary fibres are:

The main sources of dietary fibre lie in a lot of fruits and a few other food sources. The following part of the article is going to focus on those sources along with the amount of the same that needs to be eaten on a daily basis.


These kinds of berries are not widely available throughout the world but if you find that locally accessible in your place make the most use out of it. The advised amount of raspberries that should be eaten is 8 grams. If you are not that acquired the taste, mix and match it with the kind of food that you like, maybe some dark chocolate?


Guava is a kind of fruit that not many people like. Some due to its taste while others due to the strong smell. But a lot of people are unaware of its good properties when it comes to weight loss. Regular intake of around 9 grams of guava can be very beneficial to up regulate the body’s metabolism. Guavas can be in its raw form or even can be eaten as a side to some other dish.


Another good and tasty source of dietary fibres are figs. They can be used as a condiment on pizzas or even just ate with a slice of good cheese to enhance its flavour. The standard amount of intake is considered to be around 8 grams per day.


And everyone’s favourite fruit, with a bit of sweetness and tang is also very much helpful in maintaining a proper body weight with its high dietary fibre. Pomegranates are very rich in not just fibres but also in a variety of phytonutrients which is very good for health. The advised amount is around half a cup of the pomegranate seeds or around 4 grams of it per day.


Barley is considered to be one of the best sources of dietary fibres and even tastes good if cooked properly. It helps in making the person feel full even when you have had just a small portion of the mean. Not just that, it regulates the metabolism and even makes the bowel movements normal. The standard of amount of Barley that is advised to be eaten each day is around a cup of the cooked product, or around 6 grams to be precise.

300x250Banana and Dark Chocolate

Well, the sub heading is enough to make a person drool, after all, who doesn’t love banana and chocolate together, right? While banana contains a lot of fibre and water in it, dark chocolate has a lot of anti-oxidants in it. The two of them together is very good for a good and healthy body. It even is good to snack on when you feel hungry.


Kiwi is very good for people who have an increased and abnormal amount of cholesterol and high triglyceride levels in their body. They help in reducing the amount of triglycerides in the body, accumulation of which can result in very fatal occurrences to an individual. Consuming two kiwis a day is enough for a healthier lifestyle.


While people think that nuts only contain fats and unhealthy stuff in it, it is a complete myth and holds no truth in it. Almonds constitute for around 15% of the daily fibre needs and are a great source of iron and magnesium as well. They can be eaten as it is or even with your morning cereal or whipped with some yoghurt.


This is something not many people are familiar with. Edamame is nothing but soya in its rawest form. The beans are a great source of fibre and even contain vitamin B and several kinds of amino acids. The fiber payout is around 8 grams per cup.


Yet another kind of staple apart from rice, couscous or quinoa is Bulgur. There are many kinds of Bulgur recipes that are not just healthy but very delicious as well. Intake of this not only compensates for the fibre need of the body but also helps in regulating the irregular bowel movement. The fibre payout is around 8.2 grams per cup of Bulgur (cooked).


While you were eating guacamole or having sliced avocados in your sandwich, did you even think about the nutritional value of the food that you are eating? Avocados are rich in fibre and potassium which is very much essential for a healthy and fit body. Apart from that, it also contains several vitamins which are essential for maintenance of a healthy heart. The fibre payout from intake of avocados is around 9.8 grams per cup.

It is important to eat dietary fibre rich foods and to have a solid mix of soluble and insoluble fibres in your diet. If you have a good mix of soluble and insoluble fibres in your diet, you will have the nutrients that bind to unwanted fat and also nutrients that push those easily out of your body.

Vegetables for Pro Ana Weight Loss Diet Plan

A healthy and nutritious eating routine plays a key part in keeping up the general strength of the body. These days’ individuals are choosing a vegan diet. For all non-veggie lovers, they have this general confusion that chicken, fish, meat and eggs give the essential nourishment that a body requires for development and in the meantime help in weight reduction if taken in appropriate sum. However, this is not the situation generally. Veg eating routine can likewise help in weight reduction, while giving the essential supplements required by the body. There are numerous ambiguous preferences of vegetables for pro ana weight loss diet plan. 


Green Cabbage

Vegetables for Pro Ana Weight Loss Diet PlanRegularly matched with corned hamburgers on a few special occasions, fiber- occupied green cabbage likewise runs parallel with a slope protein resembling chicken bosoms, incline ground turkey, and tofu as an addition. You read right: Make sure to consider this veggie the center of your food as its rich in fiber, folate, vitamin C and manganese and you will top off on the well done quicker and be more averse to snatch seconds or sweet.

The most effortless formula to use this vegetable to show the best result in the weight loss is shredding a little upper part of green cabbage and pepper with olive oil, ocean salt, nectar, vinegar, and pepper.


Avocados give a sound dosage of stomach fat-liquefying monounsaturated unsaturated fats (MUFAs) and additionally 20 key supplements, including fiber, Vitamin E, potassium, and folic corrosive. A later study discovered that individuals who consumed them as often as possible gathered more nutritious pro ana weight control plans in general in comparison to those who ate consumed more sugar, and maintained a lower BMI also with lower waist boundary.

Another study discovered that members who finished their burgers having a cut of Hass avocado maintained lower levels of irritation and a less diminishment in blood stream than the individuals who ate the burgers without avocado.

Mix them to drinks and you will additionally enhance body and velvety composition.

Pumpkin Seeds

The pumpkin seeds wonderful green pieces burst with fundamental minerals like iron, and magnesium, and phosphorus, are additionally an awesome wellspring of zinc. Take an attempt at sprinkling a modest bunch of the grilled seeds on an appetizing soup, or biting on them as an early morning chew.

On the off chance that you can’t, without much of a stretch, find the seeds, and then pistachios have a similar phenomenal risk. These nuts are loaded with cancer prevention agents, and also have been connected to a diminishing in coronary illness. The additional exertion it earns is to open every one likewise assists with weight administration, since it backs off chewing and may avoid indulging.

Green Peppers

Theis green vegetable is stacked with the vitamin C, an intense fat releaser. Thinks about individuals who have deficient levels of  Vitamin C stick all the more firmly to the heaviest part of your body, so relying on the vegetables and fruits rich in the vitamin C can persuade the body into the weight reduction mode. Vitamin C additionally makes your body retain iron, so have a go at hurling your sprinkles into mineral-rich dishes like hamburger, chicken, salmon,  or spinach.      


This supplement is thick green, by a repressed, cabbage flavour, and super food eminence. It’s stuffed with fat discharging calcium, which investigation has connected to thinner waistlines, It’s likewise got lutein and iron and is sufficiently adaptable to be used in soups set up of different greens.

An incredible fragment to use this vegetable for an extreme weight loss is by bake washing the kale in stove for 10 minutes added with a little sprinkle of ocean salt as more advantageous contrasting option than potato chips.


Not only has a beverage decoration, this extraordinarily flexible citrus natural product likewise been connected to weight reduction. Pick firm limes and substantial for their bulk, with reflexive skin and dark green shading. For a straightforward and solid pastry, grind the skins of two extensive limes and after that blend with their liquids, some light coconut milk, along with a half some immaculate nectar. Blend in a mixer, empty in a dish, and fix in the cooler until solidified. Limes are additionally the most effortless approach to energize a glass of the ice water.


Mushrooms are a divine, adaptable veggie that you can put in just about anything. Since they don’t have their very own kind, they are essentially yours to change into whatever you desire. Toss them in the skillet with chicken or fish and a few seasonings, or place them in an omelet.

Regardless of how you serve mushrooms, they’ll top you off and add composition to your dinner without including an excessive number of calories (under 20 calories for each glass) like some fatter vegetables.


The modest cucumber is one of the best vegetables for weight reduction. It’s to a great degree low in calories and contains loads of water and additionally being served up in servings of mixed greens.


At the point when attempting to get thinner, incorporate a lot of broccoli in your eating routine. It contains no fat by any means, and a lot of sugar. These are moderate discharge sugars, which is awesome for keeping your vitality step up.


You may have misunderstood that beans really consider vegetables. The considerable thing about utilizing them for weight reduction is that they additionally consider a wellspring of protein and have bunches of fiber.

So cut down on your meat admission and substitute all or some of it with beans.


Spinach is another splendid vegetable when you’re attempting to get more fit. In the event that you’ve generally hated it, take a stab at cooking it softly spinach needs scarcely any cooking by any means.

You can likewise serve its crude in servings of mixed greens.


Carrots ought to be incorporated among vegetables for getting more fit. Simply think about all that beta-carotene and fiber. The other fortunate thing about carrots is that they are extraordinary eaten crude – all that biting will keep you occupied.

These 10 vegetables apart from being a mere vegetable can be consumed to achieve a thinner body and help in extreme weight reduction.

5 Best Ever Fat Burning Pro Ana Soup Recipes

For many people, dieting can be difficult. Giving up the food that you love for healthy foods is not easy. What many dieters do not know is that they don’t have to eat tasteless food to lose weight. There are several pro ana soup recipes that taste great and can help you lose weight.

Pro Ana Soup

1. Black Eyed Pea Stew

This is a great diet recipe because it is loaded with protein, which is great for burning fat and suppressing your appetite. It is also rich in antioxidants and folic acid. This recipe has only 198 calories per serving, with 1 gram of fat, 0 cholesterol, and 15 grams of protein.


  • Black Eyed Pea Stew Soup3 cups of black eyed peas
  • 2 carrots, cut in ½ inch slices
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 3 stalks of celery, diced into ½ inch pieces
  • 1 green bell pepper, diced
  • 1 sweet potato, peeled and cut in ½ inch pieces
  • 1 can of pureed tomatoes
  • 1 chipotle chili, minced finely
  • 1 teaspoon dried sage
  • 2 tablespoons of ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon of chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 4 cups of vegetable stock


Combine all of the ingredients in a large crockpot. Be sure to stir the vegetable stock well. Cook on high for 4 hours or until the ingredients are soft. You can serve this dish with a piece of whole wheat bread if desired.


2. Fat Free Chili

Most traditional chili recipes are very high in calories. They are also loaded with fat and sodium. This is a vegan recipe, which includes fat burning vegetables. This recipe contains just 140 calories and 2 grams of fat. It also has 9 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein.


  • Fat Free Chili Soup recipe3 cups of low sodium, canned kidney beans
  • 1 diced zucchini
  • 1 diced onion
  • 1 chopped green bell pepper
  • 1 cup of sliced mushrooms
  • 1 cup of frozen corn
  • 3 cups of diced tomatoes
  • 2 minced garlic cloves
  • ½ teaspoon of oregano
  • 2 teaspoons of cumin
  • 2 tablespoons of chili powder
  • ½ cup of water


In a large crockpot, combine all of the ingredients. Cook on low for 7 hours. Do not serve with cheese, as it is very fattening.

3. Kale Vegetable Soup

This is a great recipe for burning fat, as it contains kale, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper. It contains 314 calories per serving and has 18 grams of protein. The best thing about this recipe is that it will fill you up, leaving your satisfied.


  • Kale Vegetable Soup Recipe5 leaves of kale
  • 5 medium carrots, sliced
  • ½ of a red onion, diced
  • 1 can of white beans
  • 1 can of black beans
  • 1 can of diced tomatoes
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 4 sprigs of fresh thyme
  • ½ teaspoon of paprika
  • ½ teaspoon of cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon of ginger powder
  • 1/8 teaspoon of allspice
  • 1 ½ tablespoons of sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon of black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1 carton of vegetable broth


Combine all of the ingredients in the crockpot. Be sure to drain the beans before adding them. Mix with a large spoon. Cook on high. Stir the soup every so often to help the kale cook down. Cook for about 4 hours, or until the carrots are tender.

4. Simple Cabbage Pro Ana Soup


  • 8 oz of water
  • 2 cabbage leaves
  • 1/3 of a carrot
  • Texas Pete garlic hot sauce
  • 1/3 of a celery stalk
  • 1/2 bouillon cube
  • Pepper


5. Apple Cinnamon Delight    

Apple Cinnamon SoupIngredients:

  • 1 apple
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Artificial sweetener such as Sweet’ n Low


Slice up the apple into thin and place in bowl. Sprinkle with cinnamon and, and add sweetener as desired.

Each of these soup recipes are excellent comfort foods on a cold day. Because they are good for you and low in calories, you do not need to feel guilty about enjoying your food.

Does Pro Ana Water Fast Help Lose Weight?

Water is life, this means that life cannot exist without water; one can actually go for seven days without food but it is very hard for a person to go for more than four days without water. It serves so many purposes such as keeping our bodies hydrated, quenching thirst, help in digestion, elimination and helping the skin to look young and healthy. Water also serves other health benefits such as relieving headaches, fatigue and much more. What is more interesting is that water can actually help you lose some weight. All healthy pro ana weight loss diets include drinking a lot of water.


There is also scientific evidence that show that water consumption increases the rate at which calories burn and in the long run help you reduce weight. By drinking a glass of water before eating you can actually lose the weight and keep it off. This is because water will help you to eat less quantity but quality food and this is the best strategy when you are on diet.

Pro Ana Water FastIn any diet plan, you want to burn as much calories as possible while at the same time take in non-caloric foods. Water provides hydration without unwanted calories and since it is non-caloric, taking it before or with a meal can help you to feel full quickly. It is even recommended that you take water before going to social events as it will prevent you from overeating since these events have unlimited unhealthy snacks.

Water also helps to flush wastes from the body and this is very important during weight loss. Water also supports other weight loss plans such as workouts; this is because your body needs an adequate amount of water to properly function when exercising.

For water to actually help you lose weight, you need to take it the right way. Ensure you take clean water. Facts show that water taken in the right interval helps to keep the body healthy, otherwise if taken without a plan it can end up being unhelpful. The same applies for losing excessive weight using water, the intake of water should be monitored. Space out your water consumption throughout the day so that your body is replenished and you can get rid of excess water weight.

Avoid taking water only when you are thirsty as this will make your body depleted and retain so much water weight and this is definitely not what you want. Taking water when you are thirsty is a sign that dehydration has already started to occur hence it will only be serving the purpose of hydrating the body.

Don’t just get water through drinking plain water; look for other ways of getting water into your body. One way is that you should also opt for green tea as it is rich in antioxidants which help to boost your metabolism as you take your water. You can also take carbonated water as an alternative to plain water if you want something with some little taste and which is healthy at the same time.

Water can also be eaten by taking fruits that contain a high percentage of water such as watermelons, grapefruits and strawberries. Taking these fruits that are rich in water helps you to feel full for very few calories and it contributes to weight loss in the long run. You can also take hot and cold soups and the end result is that you will be taking water which is healthy and will help you shed off extra weight.

How much Water should I Drink?

This is the best way to calculate just how much water you need to drink a day for healthy pro ana weight loss.

Your weight

To understanding just how much water to drink regular, the first step would be to learn your weight? The quantity of water a person ought to drink changes as the more someone weighs the more water they have to drink on their weight, which makes sense. 100 pound woman and a 200 hundred pound man need different quantities of water daily.

Multiply by 2/3

Next you need to multiple your weight by 2/3 (or 67%) to discover how much water to drink daily. By way of example, in the event you weighed 175 pounds you should be drinking about 117 oz of water every day. You would multiple that by 2/3

Activity Level

Finally as you’re expelling water when you sweat, you may need to fix that amount according to how often you work out. You need to add your everyday total for every 30 minutes and 12 oz of water which you work out. If you work out for 45 minutes daily, you’ll add your daily consumption and 18 oz of water.

Water Fasting Day 15 of 30

While taking these soups that are rich in water, avoid creamy soups since they contain so many calories. Certain drinks such as skim milk, and no added sugar yogurts and puddings are a good source of water and they do not have excessive calories.

Drinking water is the easiest effort you can put in your weight loss plan. Unlike working out and not eating the junk food that you love, drinking enough water requires very little efforts. There is exactly no excuse for not drinking enough water, in essence it is very helpful and simple so go on and add drinking water to your weight loss plan and you will see the results.

4 Power Pack Pro Ana Juice Fast Recipes

pro ana juice fast recipesPro ana Weight loss can be made easier with the help of fruit or vegetable juices

Pro ana Weight loss is a problem today and it is apparent if you walk down the street or through your local Walmart, that obesity has become one of the major health problems in America today. It is also been linked has a direct cause and precursor to type II diabetes as well. Juicing can help you lose weight and with continued use can help you maintain your ideal body weight when used in conjunction with moderate exercise.

Today we’re going to show you 4 mega juices, which can help take the pounds off and are a unique and flavorful alternative to the sugary colas or diet soda pop you are currently drinking today. By switching to drinking juice either from fruit or from vegetables, you stay away from the artificial ingredients and the large amounts of sugar (High Fructose Corn Syrup), which are in the majority of soft drinks on the market today. You also avoid the caffeine, if you are drinking any of the sports drinks on the market today. So by drinking juice you not only increase your health, but you pro ana lose weight as well. This is a win-win on anyone scorecard. Here are the 4 Pro Ana juice fast recipes that help you shed the pounds fast.

1. Kale and Cayenne Cocktail

kale and cayenne pepper recipeIngredients:

  • 1 Bunch of Kale
  • 1 tsp Cayenne pepper
  • 2 Apple


In your Juicer Juice the Apples and the kale and add the Cayenne pepper.

The Whys:

Kale, a relative of cabbage, is 1st of all is full of nutrients that your body needs and it is a powerful natural Detox agent, which is composed of sulfur and isothiocyanates, which by cleansing your body, liver, as well as your kidneys lets your body free itself from free radicals and toxins. These interfere with the proper digestion of food that allows for proper utilization of the food that you’re currently eating. Add to that it has calcium, which is been shown to activate the fat burning genes within the human body.

The cayenne pepper speeds up metabolism and increases blood flow and when you combine the two together, you have a powerful combination for not only cleansing your body but also burning the fat and releasing its energy that you have stored up until now. The apple juice contains pectin, enzymes, and other nutrients that aid in the breaking down of fat. Kale is also a source of beta-carotene, vitamin K and you get a double win with this juice is it also helps reduce the risk of heart disease and anti-cancer properties as well.

2. The K-Blast Juice Booster

K Blast Juice BoosterIngredients:

  • 1/4 cup blueberries
  • 1/2 cup seedless grapes
  • One avocado, peeled and seated
  • 3 plums
  • 1 tsp Cayenne pepper


In your juicer, juice the various fruits. After you have obtained the juices of all of them add the teaspoon (more if you like heat) of cayenne pepper and stir vigorously.

The Whys:

Vitamin K has been shown to be an effective weight reducer as well as an overall health and rejuvenator. The secret of vitamin K has been kept by nutritionists and those who make a living in the weight loss industry. Now you too can take advantage of this miracle vitamin. Though the linkage is not clear, as vitamin K does not directly cause weight loss, it somehow affects the other foods you eat in a way that causes the weight reduction to occur. By adding cayenne pepper to the mix, you increase blood flow, which permits the nutrients to reach all parts of your body and flush toxins away from these vital areas. It also improves your cardiovascular health by breaking down the cholesterol deposits within your arteries and blood vessels so taken in combination you reduce the weight, remove cholesterol from your system and increase your cardiovascular health.

3. Kimchi Weight Loss and Detox Tonic

kimchi weight loss dietIngredients:

  • 1 head white cabbage thinly sliced
  • 1-5 TBS Cayenne pepper
  • 1/4 cup sea salt/kosher salt
  • 1 tablespoon finely minced garlic
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon finely minced ginger


Take the sliced cabbage and put in a large bowl and mix in the salt and wait for the cabbage to soften (you can speed up the process by massaging the cabbage with your hands. Note: you should wear rubber gloves while doing this.) Add water to cover. With a weighted plate, submerge the cabbage beneath it

Let sit for 1 to 2 days

Meanwhile take the remaining dry ingredients in a small bowl, combine them with one to 3 teaspoons of water to form a paste. Cover and set aside.

Obtain a sealable container; you can use a traditional kimchi pot, which you can buy in Asian markets or use a white mouth Mason jar.

Remove the cabbage from its bowl, reserving liquid. Mix thoroughly by hand in another bowl with the paste until everything is thoroughly coated. (Again, below should be used at this time.)

Pack the cabbage mixture into the jar leaving 1 inch of headroom and poor a bit of the brine, if necessary to cover.

Let ferment 1 to 5 days.

At this time, run the kimchi through your juicer as you would any other vegetable, collect the juice and refrigerate immediately.

The remaining pulp may be used in soups, stews, and as a condiment for hamburgers, hot dogs, and just eaten by itself as well.

The Whys:

Most people are not aware of this, but vitamin K can be found in juices made from cabbage, Brussels sprouts, collards, and kale. However, the benefits of cabbage overshadow them all. Many choose to ferment the cabbage as in making Kimchi or Sauerkraut before juicing it.

This adds additional power to the juice by adding probiotic bacteria along with the vitamin C and of course the vitamin K. This juice is an excellent weight control tonic, is also an excellent cancer fighter, and is better suited than raw cabbage in this regard.

For people with irritable bowel syndrome, and ulcers the fermented cabbage juice is an excellent source of vitamin K you and traditional medicine has used it for centuries in treating peptic ulcers. So, not only do you get the weight loss benefits but also you get cancer-fighting properties, probiotics, and protection for your digestive system.

4. Carrot Orange Juice Flat Belly Diet Drink

Carrots Oranges operate nicely together and are an excellent way to obtain Vitamin C, which supports the body in the way it can consume iron, Beta Carotene which converts to Vitamin A in the body and helps you keep a youthful look, collagen creation and total fostered immune system. In this video you will be learning how you can make a juice out it.

Final Thoughts

There you have it 4 powerful juices that not only have unique flavoring, but help with weight loss, support cardiovascular health, and provide you with the vitamin-packed nutritious supplement that replaces the bottled/can juices and sports drinks that you’re drinking now. The 4 juices you’ve seen today provide you with calcium, vitamin K, as well as vitamin C, which are all vital to good health and fighting cancer while they detoxify your body at the same time.

Try them for yourself and you’ll discover that you no longer crave sports drinks, diet sodas, or the various colors on the market today.

Juicing can drop the weight and help you live a longer and healthier life.

Tips to Follow Healthy Pro Ana ABC Diet Plan

abc dietFor one to truly have a diet that is nutritious, it doesn’t follow that you cannot love your favorite foods. A wholesome diet maintain a healthy mind and body and make you joyful, should keep you moving. With today’s hectic lifestyle it is almost not possible to avoid eating out in fast food chains and restaurants. You’ll also have a hard time resisting. But you can eat healthful really. Below are a few key concepts you can use on a day- to- day basis to ensure you are eating healthy.

What is the Pro Ana ABC Diet?

The Pro-ana ABC diet is a diet program that relies on tricking the body into losing weight by depriving it of a normal calorie intake. It is also known as Pro-Ana Boot Camp, which is an apt description of its extreme program which can be as severe as boot camp with 5 days of strict fasting from calories in any form. The other days the person on this diet can consume calories bu has to limit the intake to “between” 100 to 800. The idea behind the ABC diet is to take in varied amounts of calories every day so that the body stops feeling hungry and slows down its metabolism.

Is the Extreme Pro Ana ABC Diet Healthy?

No! Nutritional experts say that the Pro Ana ABC Diet is a risk to individual’s health since it recommends a daily intake of calories “between” 100-800 yet the typical recommended daily calorie intake should be between 800 and 1500 calories and anything below this recommended intake is risky. However, some people say they have found this diet effective in losing weight though it is not without consequences.

What are the Risks of Extreme ABC Diet?

Diets that are encouraging an intake of less than the recommended calorie intake are definitely risky it is even worse when it requires that you totally fast from calorie intake for a whole day. Based on experiences of other people who have followed such diets, there was actually no positive from it. First of all it deprived them of required nutrients which left them without energy, then it led to binge eating on days when the dieter cannot stand to fast and sleeps up. Binge eating is only going to cause more problems for you as you end up eating junk food. In the end, the body is only stocking up on fat and not muscle. The diet makes it hard to exercise so the body is weak.

One of the biggest risks is actually gaining even more weight than before you started the dieting. Because your body is being deprived of calories, it learns to store whatever calories it gets. When a person on a diet stops following the program, the body continues to do what it has become used to – saving calories. So now the body is getting more calories and most of them are being stored as opposed to being used up so the body weight will increase.

Taking in less daily calories, is likely to result in low blood sugar. Sugar is necessary for producing energy. A person on this diet will have less energy levels and experience dizzy spells because of low blood sugar.

There is also a higher risk of developing eating disorders as a result of fasting and the body getting used to being deprived of sufficient intake of certain foods.

Other risks may include depression from starving the brain, paranoia, fatigue, inability to handle cold weather, and malnutrition.

Never Follow Diet Plan that Promotes Anorexia

Nutritionists will tell you how dangerous it is to follow any diet that can lead you to anorexia, the implications on your health are very serious and some may be very hard to reverse. Depriving the body of vital nutrients can never be healthy even with the prospect of losing excess weight. Many people who try this diet are tempted to continue with it even after the 50-day program because they would like to continue losing weight but the risk of becoming anorexic will increase in such circumstances and the body’s metabolic system will be weakened by the fasting for that long from important nutrients.

Healthy ABC Diet

A proper ana ABC diet strategy isn’t just by what you eat but also tips on how to change your lifestyle to enter a healthy eating routine that is regular. The suggestions below can help you adore your healthful diet meal plan should you not follow it due to the hassle or remorse you feel, rather than despising it.

Food List

There are basically 6 groups of foods you need to eat for a healthy diet. These include:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Protein
  • Water
  • Whole grain
  • Healthy oils

Vegetables make up the biggest composition of the diet with all forms of vegetables included in here to provide as much vitamin and fiber as possible. Whole grain and protein then make up the next portion and fruits makeup slightly less than a quarter of the healthy intake. Healthy oils include vegetable oils, essential oils, and non-trans-fats. Water may be drunk in its pure form or even as tea, coffee, juice and the like but with limited amount of sugar and dairy products.

What are the Foods to Never Eat?

With the diet, calories are the enemy and so most foods that have high calorie content are considered bad for any progress. Some of these include: Artificial sweeteners which contain even more calories than the normal sugar, sugar as well is limited or given up completely, beef and other red meat, egg yolk, chocolate, dairy products, avocado, energy drinks and other high-calorie foods.

Healthy ABC Diet Plan

There are healthy ABC diet plans you can follow for a safer weight loss program. Although it also watches the amount of calorie intake, it remains within the healthy limit for calorie intake. It is okay to eat whatever you want as long as it does not exceed 1500 calories and involves exercising regularly for a minimum of 3 days a week or maximum of 6 days a week. This plan is meant to encourage healthy eating with exercise to burn out excess fat which is the main reason people put on weight. This diet plan acknowledges that the human body needs calories to function so getting 1200 calories and exercising keeps the body healthy. It also emphasizes controlling cravings for things like chocolate, sugary drinks, salty foods and oily foods.

30 Days Healthy ABC Diet Plan

Day 1 : 900 calories
Day 11 : 1000 calories
Day 21 : 1150 calories
Day 2 : 800 calories
Day 12 : 950 calories Day 22 : 900 calories
Day 3 : 900 calories
Day 13 : 1100 calories
Day 23 : 800 calories
Day 4 : 1000 calories
Day 14 : 1100 calories
Day 24 : 950 calories
Day 5 : 900 calories
Day 15 : 900 calories Day 25 : 1000 calories
Day 6 : 1100 calories
Day 16 : 800 calories Day 26 : 950 calories
Day 7 : 1100 calories
Day 17 : 950 calories Day 27 : 1100 calories
Day 8 : 900 calories
Day 18 : 900 calories Day 28 : 1150 calories
Day 9 : 800 calories
Day 19 : 1000 calories Day 29 : 900 calories
Day 10 : 900 calories
Day 20 : 1100 calories
Day 30 : 900 calories


  • Pink days are weekends
  • Drink lots of water
  • Do lots of exercise
  • Only eat healthy food

This healthy diet plan has been proven to work effectively to reduce excess weight.

Pro thinspiration diet and exercise programme is amongst the best that you can choose. It is a high quality, highly effective guide that will help you achieve your ideal weight. The Pro thinspiration diet and exercise programme is easy to keep up with.