Top 7 Healthy Pro Ana Myths to Avoid

Women will go to extremes to be skinny and to get into shape. A diet that is becoming popular is the pro ana. This diet restricts the number of calories that a person can eat per day. While the diet is effective many people believe this diet promotes eating disorders. Here are 7 pro ana myths that are not true.

1. Pro Ana is Pro Anorexia

Pro Ana MythsThis is not true. The name Ana has a religious connection. The full name is Anamadim which is a goddess. When people hear the name ana they automatically think anorexia. While the diet takes its name from a religion a person does not have to change their beliefs or their way of thinking. A person can follow the diet tips without having to believe in a new religion.

2. Pro Ana is Dangerous

If a person were to visit a pro ana site they may see woman that are very skin and begin to get worried. While the woman may be think they are within a safe and normal weight range. People that post pictures on these sites that look frail are offered help and support. They will learn how to take care of their needs without losing any additional weight. While on their diet a woman is still going to eat just not a large number of calories. This diet does encourage women to be thin but still be within a healthy weight range.

3. Pro Ana Encourages Eating Disorders

A person cannot be taught or trained to have an eating disorder. There are things that lead to an eating disorder.

The healthy pro ana website does not encourage people to develop eating disorders and even states the dangers of these conditions. Looking at pictures of skinny people alone will not lead to an eating disorder. Skipping a meal now and then does not mean a person is anorexic. An eating disorder is not developed by looking at information from a website.

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The best book on healthy pro ana diet that i have read is “The Pro Thinspiration Diet” by Charlotte Thomson (Fitness Coach, Author & Researcher). The books explains how the woman body is programmed and how we should eat accordingly. I lost nearly 24 pounds not even following it strictly. Here’s the website where you can get more information.

4. Pro Ana is Anti- Eating

pro ana diet mythsThe pro ana diet is not opposed to a woman eating. In fact there are websites that offer ways for women to get all the nutrients that the body needs without all the calories that it does not. These sites give tips on what foods to eat and even sample recipes. The diet focuses on calories restrictions and cutting back on the amount of calories that a person is consuming. This can mean eating less but a person should not stop eating altogether.

5. Pro Ana Message

The message of the pro ana and all information related to the diet is about empowerment. This diet wants a woman to be able to look and feel her best. It also teaches a woman self-control and to take pride in her strength. If a woman can resist eating sugary or fatty foods she can resist other things in her life. This diet also teaches a woman that instead of taking about change do something to make this change happen. Instead of thinking about how fat her body is, go for a walk or run to do something about her weight.

6. Pro Ana Encourages Self Harm

This diet does not encourage a woman to harm herself in any way. The diet does not encourage the woman to eat so little that she becomes sick and is at risk for serious health problems. The diet will teach self-control. Instead of having a woman face depression from her weight this diet encourages the woman to drop the extra weight so she can feel good about herself?

7. Pro Ana Does Not Like Doctors

The pro ana is not against working with professional or medical professionals. This diet allows a woman to belong to a community. In this community the woman can turn to each other for encouragement and support. If a woman is facing serious health problems she should still seek medical treatment. This community does offer support and self-help if a woman is suffering from anorexia.

These are just some of the common myths that a people spread about the ana diet. This diet will teach a woman how to drop extra weight quickly. In no way does it encourage a woman to stop.

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