10 Powerhouse Fruits Pro Ana Weight Loss Diet Plan

We are all very familiar with the roadblocks we come across on the road to lose weight. We make a strict schedule and promise ourselves to follow it, but soon we find ourselves eating cupcakes at our friend birthday party and grabbing those complimentary colas at the annual office party. All the planning and effort goes to waste just because we could not resist that chocolate cupcake. Well, there is a better way to lose weight. Let fruits help you lose that extra padding around your waist and those “Horizontal “Abs which never let you try out those beautiful skin tight tops.

fruits pro ana

Why are fruits so effective in reducing weight?

Many studies have revealed that fruits are excellent in helping you lose weight due to their high water content. Fruits work wonders in reducing weight. 10, 15 or even 20 kilos can be lost with the help of fruits. They only contain natural sugars, and if you’re eating a whole fruit, as opposed to juice, the fiber in the whole fruit makes the sugar get absorbed slowly into your blood vessels, thus increasing its effectiveness.

This list has 10 best pro-ana fruits that will aid in your weight loss process. Most of the fruits in this list are already well known for their ability to reduce your body weight, and there are others that you never knew could have such good effects on your weight. Continue below to get a list of some power fruits which will help you to reduce your weight drastically.

1. Avocado
This is the best fruit to help you reduce your weight. Avocado has omega 9 fatty acid in huge quantities. Omega 9 acts towards speeding up the metabolism of your cells. It burns fat and boosts your energy to whole new level. Having an Avocado on a regular basis will make you lose weight and stay fit. Have it as a salad, and you will start seeing its weight reducing effects almost immediately.

2. Lemon
There is no other combination of lemon and honey which can melt down excess fat from inside. Lemon has a high content of Vitamin C and Vitamin B. It’s enriched with minerals like phosphorus and magnesium.  Drink a mixture of lemon and honey every morning, and it will work wonders. You will be able to feel the heat it produces to burn the fat while you stay active.

3. Watermelon
Watermelons do not contain any fat. This high water content fruit contains just 30 calories every 100g. It is rich in arginine which burns fat by aiding in the biosynthesis of proteins. The best thing about watermelons is that it will also keep your hunger at bay for a long time and prevent you from resorting to any unhealthy snacks.

4. Oranges
Oranges are very juicy citrus fruits. 100g of Oranges contains only 47 calories which are ideal for someone looking for some weight loss. Oranges are known as a fruit with negative calories. It means that it contains lesser calories than what your body needs to burn it. You will always burn more than you will eat.

5. Pomegranate
It’s a fruit with high fiber content. Its seeds have high antioxidant contents and fiber. Antioxidants enable the body to get rid of wasteful toxins. It also helps lower your appetite. They are low in calories, so they are renowned for working well towards weight loss.

6. Tomatoes
Many people consider them to be vegetables. Tomatoes are actually fruits and are well-armed with their benefits to aid in weight loss. Our body secrets Leptin which prevents weight loss. Tomatoes can reverse the effects that leptin has on the body. With less leptin, you will lose more weight.

7. Pineapple
Pineapples are rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Pineapple being free from any cholesterol or fat makes it a very useful fruit for pro ana weight loss. A pineapple salad with a pinch of salt tastes delicious and will keep you satiated between meals.

8. Berries
Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries are citrus fruits that have negligible carbohydrate content to give to your body. They are excellent detoxifiers and can clean your bowel too. They aid in digestion and due to their low-fat content, help you reduce weight as well.

9. Coconut
They are very useful in flushing bad cholesterols out of your body and make the liver strong. The Strong liver can function 30% better than an average individual. Strong liver increases your metabolism rate which in turn greatly reduces your weight

10. Dry Fruits
Recent studies have shown that people consuming dry fruits like almonds, raisins, and dates lose more weight than those who don’t. Ancient monks have used dry fruits to keep themselves fat-free and out of any excess weight to give their bodies the flexibility they need for intensive physical activities like Karate and Kung Fu. Dry fruits, as the name suggests are dry and are without any fat or calorie content. Almond also enables to have a sharp mind when consumed regularly.

A lot of us may think that having the juice of these fruits would serve a better purpose, but it’s not going to help much. If the goal is to keep your weight down, you must eat whole fruits. Having fruit juice is best when you are looking for detoxification, but it’s not good when the target is weight loss. By juicing, the fiber is extracted from a fruit which is its most important component. Many health experts say that an increasing in fiber intake leads to weight loss. It’s because of the fiber present in fruits; the sugar absorption into the blood slows down. The fiber in fruits improves your digestion and keeps you satisfied for longer periods of time.

You can easily include fruits in your daily diet. Keep having a mouthful of these fruits as a snack between meals. It’s the best way to control that untimely hunger, and it also prevents you from overeating at meals. Have a fruit and cereals mixed breakfast or have them as a fruit salad for lunch. Fruits can be enjoyed any time of the day and with every meal. These fruits, when taken routinely, will definitely help you a lot towards your goal of pro ana weight loss.

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